Elizabeth B.

“Darrin is quite simply an outstanding lawyer. He truly cares about you as an individual and your well-being above and beyond the client / attorney relationship. Recently, I was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The charges were unfounded and in my opinion my rights were violated. Darrin represented me in my trial and brought to bear his considerable energy, in-depth preparation, compassion and expertise on my behalf. It appeared to be a long shot, but against all odds he was able to persuade the jury to render a verdict of not guilty! I highly recommend anyone who gets into a legal bind to reach out to Darrin.”

Steven G.

“Whenever you have a legal issue, you need to know that you can depend on the attorney you choose.  The legal system is daunting to the average small business owner.  I would highly recommend my attorney Patrick Warner. Trust is not given, it is earned.  And Mr. Warner has proven over many years that he is absolutely worthy of my trust.”

Daryl W.

“Pat was a delight to work with and represented me with the utmost in diligence and professionalism. He was able negotiate an out of court settlement that was better than expected, and was very well prepared to present my case had we gone to court. Pat is not the stereotypical attorney. He listens very well and communicated very well with me on my level throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to have Pat represent me again and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Pat is an extremely intelligent, personable, and competent attorney who genuinely cares about his clients.”

Matthew F.

“From day one, Patrick advised my wife and I through our legal troubles, kept us readily apprised of our situation and, in the end, won our case. We can’t recommend his firm enough!”

Sara K.

“I retained Darrin when I was charged with an OVI at the age of 25. I had never been in trouble with the law before so the very first time I spoke to Darrin, he put my mind at ease and was extremely helpful and supportive from that moment on. Darrin answered my questions clearly and always kept me updated with what was going on in my case. I was terrified I was going to do jail time but Darrin did everything he could to keep that from happening. My case ended up having a good outcome. I highly recommend this great attorney!”

Brandon M.

“Long story short, I made a mistake that was going to really disrupt the integrity of my future. Darrin’s representation ensured that I would make it through this unfortunate chapter without a worry! Professional, attentive, and trustworthy are all attributes Mr. Leist brings to the table. If you’ve made a mistake, Darrin can help!”

Kimberly K.

“My family recently had a situation that most people would have just paid the fine and walked away from. Our family felt this was a bigger issue and sometimes you have to stand up for what’s right. I called Darrin and after hearing the case he agreed to take it on and help us fight for justice, we felt it was an abuse of power and entrapment. Darrin represented a group of individuals fighting a Detective who misrepresented information to the court and cost several people their jobs, livelihoods and reputations.   Darrin hung in there and fought for us for a year and won the battle. The Columbus Dispatch, , wrote the included article on the case that was deemed to be entrapment on the behalf of the Detective. Darrin is an excellent litigator and worked very hard to win this case. We are very grateful to Darrin for his guidance, fortitude and dedication. I would recommend Darrin and his firm to anyone who is looking for an honest, smart and hardworking attorney. Any attorney can plea bargain a case but only a true litigator can fight and win.”

Roberta T.

“I recently had need for services from an experienced attorney. After researching professionals I found Darrin Leist of Leist Warner, LLC. Mr. Leist sincerely listened to my situation with concern and empathy and agreed to further examine my legal issue.

Mr. Leist was amazingly receptive, prompt and thorough. During the duration of my situation Mr. Leist kept me apprised of the progress and resolved the situation expertly and expediently. While the practice of Leist Warner, LLC. didn’t stand to recover any great benefits they did right a wrong that was determined to affect my life. My situation was positively resolved, professionally and personally attended to and I was treated as an individual with a life altering need and not just a client with a problem. I don’t know of another attorney who is willing to negotiate the hassles involved with a wrongful action to the benefit of that client and not the law firm. Thank you Mr. Leist for your expertise and professionalism.”

Kelly B.

“Darrin represented me in a personal injury automobile accident. Darrin’s first concern was my personal well-being and making certain I was receiving all the medical attention necessary. He was professional, thorough, attentive to detail and relentless. I am very appreciative of his representation and highly recommend anyone to utilize his professional services.”

Dustin M.

“I just want to again thank Darrin Leist for getting us full custody of our son today!! You are an amazing man Mr. Darrin. We so appreciate how much you cared about our son…he’s an amazing kid and it’s about time someone seen in him what we see every day in him. He deserves a special life because he’s extraordinary, he has so much potential and was not able to access any of it. Thanks to you Darrin. YOU sir gave us the best gift a person could ever give a family and we will NEVER ever ever forget you. And an extra bonus is we gained an amazing friend from this. It’s rare to become friends with your child’s attorney. Especially a real friend not an acquaintance or just a guardian but someone who really felt everything we did!! We could never show all of our appreciation. But damn it man you deserve an attorney of the year award. We’re very grateful for you.”