Kimberly K.

“My family recently had a situation that most people would have just paid the fine and walked away from. Our family felt this was a bigger issue and sometimes you have to stand up for what’s right. I called Darrin and after hearing the case he agreed to take it on and help us fight for justice, we felt it was an abuse of power and entrapment. Darrin represented a group of individuals fighting a Detective who misrepresented information to the court and cost several people their jobs, livelihoods and reputations.   Darrin hung in there and fought for us for a year and won the battle. The Columbus Dispatch, , wrote the included article on the case that was deemed to be entrapment on the behalf of the Detective. Darrin is an excellent litigator and worked very hard to win this case. We are very grateful to Darrin for his guidance, fortitude and dedication. I would recommend Darrin and his firm to anyone who is looking for an honest, smart and hardworking attorney. Any attorney can plea bargain a case but only a true litigator can fight and win.”