Roberta T.

“I recently had need for services from an experienced attorney. After researching professionals I found Darrin Leist of Leist Warner, LLC. Mr. Leist sincerely listened to my situation with concern and empathy and agreed to further examine my legal issue.

Mr. Leist was amazingly receptive, prompt and thorough. During the duration of my situation Mr. Leist kept me apprised of the progress and resolved the situation expertly and expediently. While the practice of Leist Warner, LLC. didn’t stand to recover any great benefits they did right a wrong that was determined to affect my life. My situation was positively resolved, professionally and personally attended to and I was treated as an individual with a life altering need and not just a client with a problem. I don’t know of another attorney who is willing to negotiate the hassles involved with a wrongful action to the benefit of that client and not the law firm. Thank you Mr. Leist for your expertise and professionalism.”