Dustin M.

“I just want to again thank Darrin Leist for getting us full custody of our son today!! You are an amazing man Mr. Darrin. We so appreciate how much you cared about our son…he’s an amazing kid and it’s about time someone seen in him what we see every day in him. He deserves a special life because he’s extraordinary, he has so much potential and was not able to access any of it. Thanks to you Darrin. YOU sir gave us the best gift a person could ever give a family and we will NEVER ever ever forget you. And an extra bonus is we gained an amazing friend from this. It’s rare to become friends with your child’s attorney. Especially a real friend not an acquaintance or just a guardian but someone who really felt everything we did!! We could never show all of our appreciation. But damn it man you deserve an attorney of the year award. We’re very grateful for you.”