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WARNING: Choose a firm that will LITIGATE your personal injury case in court

Leist Warner is a full service firm when it comes to handling your personal injury claim. If you have a personal injury claim, such as being injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, LW will not only attempt to settle your claim, if necessary, LW will also file and litigate your personal injury claim in court.

It has recently been brought to our attention that there are law firms that will not file or litigate personal injury claims in court. Those firms will only attempt to settle injury cases before filing the cases in court. If those firms are unable to settle a personal injury case prior to the deadline to file and litigate it in court, they advise the injured party to seek other counsel to litigate their personal injury claims in court.

We have heard the nightmare stories from personal injury claimants who were told by firms shortly before the deadline to file their injury case in court, that the firm would not represent them in court. For example, individuals injured in car accidents told us how firms that they hired to represent them advised them to seek other counsel when their injury claims did not settle prior to the time in which to file and litigate their injury claims in court. One personal injury claimant even gave us a letter from a firm that indicated the firm only attempts to settle personal injury cases outside of court and does not litigate personal injury cases. All of the injury claimants informed us how difficult it was to find new counsel that would represent them given the approaching deadline to file and litigate their case in court.

To avoid getting yourself in the situation that injury claimants reported to us, LW suggests personal injury claimants take one of two steps prior to hiring a firm. First, before hiring the firm, ask the firm to indicate in the attorney-client agreement that they will litigate your case in court if they are unable to settle your case prior to the deadline to file your case with the court. Second, and alternatively, choose LW to represent you concerning your personal injury claim. At Leist Warner, we firmly believe that if we accept your personal injury case and cannot settle it prior the time to file your case with the court, we will file your case with the court and litigate your case.

Sunday, May 12, 2019 | Personal Injury, Car Accidents

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